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Weight Management


Are you battling with your weight?

Do you have problems with your own body image?

For many of us – we are eating too much – but increasingly, many too are battling with not being able to eat enough. If you fall into either category – this program is for you.

This program is unique – because :

  • We ditch the diets
  • We sling the scales
  • We dispense of the self-deprecation.

Like the sound of this ?

In this program, Cai will look at your relationship with food and together, you will identify the triggers that drive you to the fridge and the biscuit tin. We identify your limiting beliefs and try to pinpoint those emotional blocks that are stopping you from reaching your ideal weight.

If you use our techniques and remain fully committed, then Cai can help you reach, and better still maintain, your healthy body image. There are a number of NLP techniques that Cai will use to help you reprogram your attitude to food; where together – you will reach your weight management goals.

How many diets can you identify ?

Atkins, Scarsdale, 5 & 2, Counting Calories, Weight Watchers, F Plan, Lose and Shape up, Rosemary Connolly, Cabbage Soup, Grapefruit … (I have been on all of these at one point or another in my own personal battle with weight.)

We will consider how this ‘new you’ will be able to transform your life in more positive ways. Perhaps your goal is to run a triathlon – or maybe just chase the kids around the park. Whatever your desire or your dream – these NLP models are geared to move you away from thoughts of weakness and towards thoughts of strength and achievement.

Do negative events lead to your undoing? Do you turn to food for comfort? Perhaps food is your coping mechanism?

If yes – then together, we will challenge your relationship with food.

Many of us use weight issues as an excuse for non-participation in events that make us feel uncomfortable.

50% of overweight people use food as a crutch to help them deal with anxiety, stress and depression. If this is you, Cai can help.

WEIGHT-CHANGE Paradigm and Coaching Package:

Whatever the root cause for over/under eating, in this intensive program we’ll establish new strategies that help you reach your ideal shape and life style. This weight change program will truly change your life forever.

KICKSTART: 1 x 2 day commission – from £2750

We will identify your desired weight and make sure that it’s attainable

Together we will :

  • Identify your clear goals and make sure that they are attainable.
  • Remove your self sabotaging thoughts and emotional triggers
  • Identify your mental blocks
  • Break down these blocks
  • Put yourself first – to commit to yourself and your success

EVALUATION: KICKSTART & 3 months coaching ( 3 x 2 hourly sessions ) – from £3250

If you are ready to take control – and to make a difference – it is important to accept the effects your weight change will have on your life. It is important however, to acknowledge that setbacks will occur. These can quickly demoralise – so Cai will be there to support you and coach you with tried and tested coping strategies.

DISCOVERY: KICKSTART & 6 months coaching ( 6 x 2 hourly sessions ) – from £3750

Cai will be there to help you when you hit the inevitable ‘weight loss wall’. You will accept that setbacks can be turned into learning experiences.

However it is also important to consider your progress and where you are. We will establish if you want to maintain your weight or to make further changes. It’s all too easy to be hung up on a number – but it is advisable to settle for what feels healthy and right for you.

DEVELOPMENT: KICKSTART & 12 months coaching ( 12 x 2 hourly sessions ) – from £4750

Studies say that 80% of people who lose weight, gain it all back again. Cai shall show you how to manage your life so that you are guaranteed to be part of the successful 20% who maintain their desired weight.

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