Spelling Strategy

SPELLING Strategy – 1 x session ( allow up t0 half a day ) – from £300


B12-Spelling-Strategy_400Does you child struggle with spelling ?

Does the threat of a weekly spelling test turn your house into a WarZone ?

It doesn’t have to be like this.

We all learn differently; and for some, the methods that are used at school today do not suit everybody’s learning styles.
The NLP strategy makes use of visual imagery – and may be a particularly suitable method for learners with dyslexia ( this is because of their heightened visual memory skills )

Cai will teach you, the parent, the techniques you need to help your child to learn the spelling strategy to best suit them. There is a time investment here. Together, you and your child, will be required to commit to practicing for just 15 minutes a day – for 3 months – with no exceptions. ( including high days and holidays )

Once your child has learned the techniques ( and taught the brain how to apply this strategy automatically ) – your child will be able to approach their spelling and reading with complete confidence.

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