"Nothing can bring you peace but yourself.” - Ralph Waldo Emerson



Are you feeling stressed?
Do you suffer from irregular sleep patterns?
Is your work-life balance out of kilter?

Hypnosis is a safe tool for exploring the realms of the unconscious mind, identifying and activating our inner resources, discovering new ways for resolving inner conflicts and handling obstacles and challenges.

If you are unwell and need to restore some calm in your life, then perhaps considering Hypnotherapy might be an answer to your stresses.

Hypnosis can be used alongside traditional medicines or stand alone. Hypnosis helps you to experience deep relaxation and relief from stress and anxiety.

Whist you are in a state of trance – you are still in complete control. Your conscious mind switches off when you are totally relaxed – allowing your unconscious mind to be open to helpful suggestions.

Hypnosis can help cancer suffers to relax and cope better with symptoms and their treatment. Hypnosis can help people feel more comfortable and in control of their situation. Relaxation for a healthier you.

SINGLE Session: 1 x 2 hour session

Opt for this taster session to experience the powers of hypnosis and how it can help resolve a particular issue.

MULTIPLE Package: 1 x 2 hour session and 5 x 1 hours session

Hypnotherapy is not magic, just an amazingly effective way to facilitate healing and relaxation. Hypnosis cultivates a deep connection with your unconscious and is geared to helping people get the results they want.

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