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PHOBIA Model: 1 x session ( allow up to half a day ) – from £300


Do you have a fear or a phobia? Is it holding you back? Is it stopping you from fully living your life? Perhaps you have a fear of flying that is restricting your career opportunities, or prohibiting you from taking the family holiday that you have always dreamed of?

Maybe you have a fear of creepy crawlies, and flee the room when an incy wincy spider crawls across the living room floor. Perhaps a wasp phobia prohibits you from enjoying the garden in the summer?

You may have tried to have your phobia cured using conventional methods – only to find this hasn’t worked and you have wasted both your time and your money.

Conventional treatments often require you to be exposed to the very thing that holds your deepest fear – making the treatment even more traumatic.

NLP is different and it is fast. We do not expose you to the source of your fear – you will be treated in a safe and trauma-free environment.

Invariably, your phobia will be cured with only one NLP session.

Speaking from experience, I have been cured of my fear of swimming in deep waters (ever since watching JAWS). I know it might appear vaguely amusing that my phobia is as a result of a movie – but many phobias are not rational.

Using a highly effective NLP technique I can help you get your head around your fear or your phobia and free you from these debilitating feelings forever.

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