“Real knowledge is to know the extent of one's ignorance.” - Confucius

1. What does a Coach do?


My aim as a coach is to facilitate the changes that you need to make, to help you live the life you wish to. This might be to achieve your ambitions at work, lose the extra pounds to reach your ideal weight or increase your self-confidence. I will be using a number of techniques so that we can identify the emotional blocks that are holding you back. I can then provide you with the tools to help you face these difficulties with confidence. We will enhance your strengths and build on your weaknesses.

I prefer to call myself either an NLP Practitioner or a Breakthrough Consultant.

A coach is someone who supports an individual and guides them from where they are at present to where they want to be in the future. I shall be using proven techniques that are very practical solution to very personal and challenging issues.

I shall use the NLP techniques that are methodological and structured and have a proven track record. The results can be truly transformational.

2. Isn’t Life Coaching a little “self-indulgent”?


Personally I don’t like the phrase ‘life coach’ as I feel the title is a little self important – as if I am going to be the one that changes your life. That’s not what I do. I am here to facilitate your change. It’s up to you to make the changes. I can give you the tools for change – but if you don’t commit – then nothing is going to happen.

I therefore prefer to call ‘life coaching’ – Personal Development. Yes it does stem from the self-help explosion that started initially in America.  But rather than being self indulgent, I feel that it is a way of self improvement by making some changes; by enhancing  your strengths and building on your weaknesses. You will be able to tackle your future challenges with confidence in yourself and confidence in your own abilities.

3. What happens in a session?


We will have a complimentary consultation that will last approximately an hour. We will discuss what your hopes and expectations are, what you believe to be holding you back and any changes that you wish to make. Please note that after this session, it is not unusual for us to agree that we are not quite suitable for one another. This does not reflect on either of us, it just reaffirms the need that the right blend has to be achieved to work together effectively.

Also if you speak to another coach – you have the option to conduct the sessions over the phone, over Skype or email or face-to-face. Again, I am not typical. I ONLY conduct the sessions face-to-face – and there are a number of reasons for this.

  • I expect you to commit to our work and part of that commitment requires travel. Very often we are talking about sensitive issues and this is best carried out away from your home. This protects you so that this negative energy does not remain where you live.
  • Our sessions require full concentration which is not always possible if we operate from your home as it is difficult to avoid these daily interruptions.
  • Before each session you will be given some “homework”. Should these tasks not be completed – we will not be able to progress to the next level. Not only does our working together require the financial investment – but it requires an investment of both time and effort in order that we can fully reach the goals you deserve.
  • All appointments will be carried out at an agreed location. I shall require a relaxed environment for us to work in without interruptions. Tea and coffee is provided and a light lunch for all day sessions.

For each session, we shall use a number of techniques and exercises to help you move forward.

If you speak to other coaches, typically each coaching session would last between 45 – 60 minutes and you are charged by the hour. However I am not typical and I do not operate on an hourly basis. My sessions last for as long as they need to – typically 2 + hours. At each session, you should expect to discuss the the goals and tasks that were set prior to the session, carry out an NLP technique relevant to the stage that you are at and then set more goals and tasks for the next session or discuss the results you have reached.

We will have a confirmed agenda for all appointments and have clearly defined priorities and expectations of the desired outcomes

At the end of each session we will ensure that your goals are still aligned to your values and beliefs – as  we may find that some exercises instigate some very powerful changes.

Typically it is advisable to dedicate a morning or an afternoon for each session.


4. How many sessions will I need?


This very much depends on the amount of change you wish for. Phobias can very often be removed within just one session, as can other isolated issues like confidence building for presentations or nail biting. However if you are wanting to dig a bit deeper then we will have a number of sessions to help uncover what factors are holding you back. These might be uncovered in a breakthrough session where we go back to basics and then start rebuilding. You might feel that once your blocks have been cleared you are happy to continue on your own – but many clients like the reassurance of regular ( or occasional ) sessions where we can touch base and monitor progresses that have been made.

There are coaching packages that have been set up to cater for all your needs.


5. What’s the difference between NLP and therapy?


Conventional therapies focus on the details of a traumatic event, the whys and the wherefores. This often causes the client more unrest as they are required to relive the event again in order to process it. Therapists often give the client guidance and advice as a way with dealing with negative events.

NLP turns this on the head. NLP is objective. NLP is not interested in the detail. Rather than the whys – we focus on the hows. How do we change the behaviour in a more positive way to move forward. The client should not have to re-experience any of the negative emotions from re-living a traumatic event.

Rather than giving instructions of exactly what to do – I will guide you. I will give you the tools to empower you to make the decisions that you think are best in order for you to fulfil your dreams. You are not going to be asked to make decisions that you aren’t comfortable with.

Please note that I am not qualified to diagnose or treat medically related problems. Should issues arise – and where appropriate I will recommend that you visit your GP.


6. How do I know if my Coach is any good?


I am very aware that this industry is not yet regulated and it is for this reason that I have trained with those people whom I believe to be the best in the business. To add to your peace of mind I have been trained to the highest standards of the following bodies :


Cai is a Certified Master Practitioner of Time Line Therapy. This technique is also called – Creating Your Future techniques.

Cai is a Certified Master Practitioner of NLP – The ABNLP is one of the most robust NLP organisations and is internationally recognised. This qualification involved approx. 120 hours of study/training

Cai is a Certified Master Coach of NLP with the ABNLP

Cai is a Certified Master Practitioner of Hypnotherapy with the ABH


7. Is Coaching for me?


  • Are you ready for change?
  • Are you ready to take action?
  • Are you ready to take responsibility for your life and achieving your goals?

Then give me a call. I can help you address many areas in your life. Whatever you are struggling with, your weight, your relationships, your work, your confidence, then having a chat with me could help you.

I will help you make those changes – but you are the person who will step up and take action.

Some people can feel intimidated by change – and if that is you – we can take things as slowly as you need. Others might be impatient and want quick results and might lose interest if results aren’t realised quickly. I shall tailor the treatment to suit your needs.

8. Fees


Because each package is bespoke, we cherry-pick the most appropriate and effective NLP techniques and strategies to match your exact needs.

Your appointment/s are specifically targeted to your meet requirements and the precise results you are looking to achieve. 

We therefore opt to charge by results rather than on an hourly basis. All prices are agreed in advance. The agreed fee is payable on Booking and funds have to be cleared prior to your appointment.

For more information please get in contact with us. Cai will have a chat with you to establish exactly how we can help.


9. Cancellation


If you wish to cancel a session, please give as much notice as possible. Full fees will be charged where less than 48 hours notice of cancellations is given; as there is a fair amount of preparation required prior to the appointment.


10. Personal Data & Confidentiality


You can be assured of complete confidentiality when dealing with Cai. Your information will not be shared without any third parties without your prior consent.

The details of your appointments will not be discussed outside of your session, unless you are in danger of causing harm to yourself or others.

In line with professional coaching codes of practice, Cai may choose to work with a supervisor or another coach; which involves discussion around how we work as professionals with our clients – in order to develop our processional expertise. However, please be assured that your anonymity shall never be compromised.


11. Insurance


The Mind Model Limited is fully insured by Holistic Services Insurance.

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