Worried about your Teen?

20 things to AVOID when you’re Parenting a Teenager

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As our children grow up everything starts to change. No sooner do we start feeling confident that we have this ‘parenting-lark’ sussed – that the goalposts start changing. Here are some pointers that will help you embark on the next stage, ( as your child embarks upon adolescence, ) with less trepidation. 1. Avoid All The Negative Hype : What irritates me beyond belief is all the negative press that teenagers seem to get. “They are rude, selfish, self-absorbed’ individuals.”…

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Is your Child being bullied?

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October is Bullying Prevention Month. “1 out 4 kids is bullied.” “43% fear harassment in the school changing rooms / toilets.” “80% of the time an argument with a bully ends up with a physical fight.” What is Bullying? If your child is being made to feel sad and miserable by someone else – then I believe that’s bullying. Whether it’s physical, verbal or cyber-bullying – I believe strongly that something needs to be done to stop this intimidation. In…

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