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20 things to AVOID when you’re Parenting a Teenager

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As our children grow up everything starts to change. No sooner do we start feeling confident that we have this ‘parenting-lark’ sussed – that the goalposts start changing. Here are some pointers that will help you embark on the next stage, ( as your child embarks upon adolescence, ) with less trepidation. 1. Avoid All The Negative Hype : What irritates me beyond belief is all the negative press that teenagers seem to get. “They are rude, selfish, self-absorbed’ individuals.”…

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36 Tips for my Younger Self

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I regularly talk about my feelings of inadequacy that often plagued me during the years whilst I was a teenager. In fact many of these feelings carried on through to my adult life. But let’s face it – I am not alone. Many people are unable to resolve those old childhood emotions of low self worth. Do not mistake the fact that just because many of us feel bad about ourselves, that we must have had a tortuous childhood. This…

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