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Depression does not define you

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A friend of mine was hosting a number of young people recently who were visiting for a 21st birthday party. At breakfast the following day, the students were openly chatting about hangovers, relationships and many topics relevant to their generation. Eventually the conversation moved towards their state of mind. What truly shocked and saddened me when I heard this recount, was that a vast majority of these party-goers were currently being prescribed anti-depressants. When I mentioned this in a later…

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AMH & Christmas Bauble

An alternative to Christmas cards.

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  Dear Family and Friends   As in previous years, we have decided not to send Christmas Cards. We have opted to give to charity instead – and this year our donation is being made to Action Mental Health. My work brings me into contact with many people who have mental health issues – and as a result I see how this affects their lives and their family’s lives on a daily basis. Even in this day and age, Mental Health…

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4 Steps to Beating Panic Attacks

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Do you – or anyone you know – suffer from panic attacks or anxiety? Perhaps you worry about going out in public – just in case you have another incident? Panic Attacks can appear from nowhere – and for those that live under this threat, it can really disrupt our everyday lives. For those of you who know what I am talking about – you will understand that this can be very debilitating. I was prompted to chat about this…

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More Young Adults are suffering from Anxiety and Stress

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Young Adults and Stress. According to media sources, Generation Y are those “Millennials” who were born between 1980 and 2000. The generation who have been shaped by technology. We only have to look at the explosion of social media and the selfie to help us understand this. These young people are technical wizards – masters at flipping between screens and online conversations and as a result are fantastic at multi tasking. Everything is so immediate for them. Everything is suddenly at…

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TimeLine Therapy and Depression

How to deal with Depression

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If you are or have been living with Depression or Anxiety, it is possible that at some point in your life you have experienced an event that triggered these emotions. Emotions, that if not dealt with can contribute to this debilitating condition. Dealing with these emotions can prove a battle in itself, especially if therapy or medication have not worked for you, or perhaps you have made a conscious decision not to follow this route. Now, don’t get me wrong…

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