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The TEEN Toolbox

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COMING SOON! My New APP : The TEEN Toolbox Sometimes there is so much going on in our lives that we cannot work out which way is up. All too often I hear parents saying … “I just don’t know where my happy child has gone” Teenagers tell me … “I don’t know why I am feeling this way – but I just want it to stop.”   This is why I created my App. It is designed to Equip Parents and Teenagers…

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How to ACE Your Fears

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What is Fear Exactly? There are 2 types of Fear : 1. Physical Fear : The Fight or Flight fear is the one that we are able to recognise all too easily. Examples are – the fear of deep water or heights. This is the fear that protect you from ‘harm’ – it’s your survival instinct. The warning signs are, tightening of the chest, quickening of the breath and that sense of panic. 2. Emotional Fear : These fears are…

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