"We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty" - Maya Angelou



Very often, we can live our lives with a distorted view of the world. We may often doubt ourselves and our capabilities. We might honestly believe something to be true that is intact false.

Perhaps your memories – your version of the truth – does not marry up with someone else’s recollection of the same event.

Perhaps you are placing too much focus on issues that should not matter as much as they do.

Imagine then, that one day, you discover that your distorted point of view is in fact – ‘false’.

You can finally see your world as it should be.

This is what we call “A Breakthrough”.

You might want to become the best parent you can be – or the best teacher you can be. Your successes do not have to pan out on the world stage – maybe you can make the difference you truly want in your own community. But whatever you decide, Cai will help you honour your hopes and dreams.

Using NLP, we can help you adjust your mindset. We breakdown the barriers that are holding you back and wipe away the negative emotions that are influencing your actions. This will allow you to achieve your goals and allow you to live the life you truly want to live.

For many of us – we are getting on with life – aware that we have limitations – but are just accepting that this is the way we are.

Using the advanced NLP techniques we can establish what exactly is distorting your view of yourself and your world.

  • I am no good at Sales
  • I have always been bad at exams
  • I have always been this way.

Cai can empower you finally see the world as it should be – to help you Live Life Out Loud.

BREAKTHROUGH Session and Coaching Package:

Whatever the root causes for your limiting decisions and negative emotions, in this intensive program we’ll establish new strategies that help you aim for a brighter future. This personalised Breakthrough Program will truly change your life forever.

KICKSTART: 1 x 2 day commission – from £2500

We will identify your dreams for your new life and determine the path that you can take to achieve your true potential

Together we will : 

  • Identify your clear goals and make sure that they are attainable.
  • Remove your self sabotaging thoughts and emotional triggers
  • Identify your mental blocks 
  • Break down these blocks
  • Put yourself first – to commit to yourself and your success

EVALUATION: KICKSTART & 3 months coaching ( 3 x 2 hourly sessions ) – from £3000

If you are ready to take control – and to make a difference – it is important to accept the effects your new mindset will have on your life. It is important however, to acknowledge that setbacks will occur. These can quickly demoralise – so Cai will be there to support you and coach you with tried and tested coping strategies.

DISCOVERY: KICKSTART & 6 months coaching ( 6 x 2 hourly sessions ) – from £3500

Your personal development is ongoing and rather like peeling back the layers of an onion. Cai will be there to help you when you hit the inevitable obstacles. You will accept that setbacks can be turned into learning experiences.

DEVELOPMENT: KICKSTART & 12 months coaching ( 12 x 2 hourly sessions ) – from £4500

As you progress it is possible that deeper and larger emotional blocks come to light. Cai shall show you how to manage your life so that you are guaranteed to achieve the results that you are truly hoping for and in turn, helping you to develop your own formula for success.

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