Behavioural & Confidence Issues


The Teenage years can be very challenging for a young person.


The Teenage years can be very challenging for a young person.

Today’s society expects young people to live by its rules.

There are pressures from many directions – from school – from peer groups. Throw raging hormones into the mix and life can sometimes be very daunting. The teenager’s need to express their individuality and independence can often create ripples at home.

Using her experience as a parent and a ChildLine Volunteer, Cai will help both you (the parents) and your child – appreciate other’s point of view.

There are just some things that a teenager cannot discuss with their parents.

Whatever, the issues your teenager is going through : confidence problems, sexual issues, school studies, lack of focus – or anything else that is on their mind; Cai will provide trustworthy support – giving your teenager the opportunity to talk to somebody who is both non-judgemental and impartial.

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