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By March 30, 2017App, TEEN Toolbox

Whoop! Whoop!


My New APP : The TEEN Toolbox

… and it’s FREE

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  TEEN Toolbox  

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Sometimes there is so much going on in our lives that we cannot work out which way is up.

All too often I hear parents saying …

“I just don’t know where my happy child has gone”

Teenagers tell me …

“I don’t know why I am feeling this way –

but I just want it to stop.”


This is why I created my App. It is designed to

Equip Parents and Teenagers with the

Tools to Navigate Adolescence.

It’s jam packed with exercises and tips that are quick and easy to adopt.

Techniques that will help you & your child cope with many of the challenges that life throws at you. Including :

* Stress Buster Tips

* Confidence Building tools

* Relaxation Exercises

The TEEN Toolbox APP is free with no annoying in-app purchases.

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